Can I get one without a clutch?
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Traveling in Ireland and want to rent a car. I heard that all the rental cars there are standard (manual) transmission..

A friend said this was true the last two times she went. Any MeFites rent an automatic transmission car recently? I will be renting in Dublin, if it helps.
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well, if you go to Avis Ireland and ask for a quote, you can choose between manual and automatic.
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Myth. I rented from Budget and it was an automatic.
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Yeah, I rented an automatic. I think they may charge a little more, but they have them. (If you are driving in the west at all, get the smallest one they have)
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I've rented a car 3 different times since 2000 (last time in March) in Ireland and got an automatic each time. I'm pretty certain every company (even the Ireland-based Dan Dooley's) has automatics. And I rented from both the Dublin and Shannon airports.
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I rented an automatic last year. It did cost extra, and make sure you specify it when you reserve it.
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Don't rent from Europcar if you can help it; they recent'y tried to bill me for an $859 rental that occured after I'd been back in the States for 2 months.
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I rented a stick shift in Ireland only because it was substantially cheaper than an automatic.
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Completely a myth. Been there a few times and rented an automatic every time. My parents have been there every six months for as long as I can remember and always get an automatic. It's all about what you want to pay for. You will pay extra for it, just like you'll pay extra for a larger car.
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In 2000 I rented a car. Don't remember the agency, but we had to pay a wee bit more for the automatic thant we would have if we'd chosen a manual. Nothing to worry about--just reserve ahead of time.
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Road tripping around Ireland is awesome, but be careful just ask Matthew Broderick
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