Where can I find a large 6 ft. segmented LCD display?
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Where can I find a large (> 6 ft.) segmented LED display?

I'm looking for a very large (+6ft. horizontal) LED display. Sort of like an array of these but much larger. It can be driven by serial or parallel input.

The reason why: we have large (segmented LED display, like the numbers on your calculator) digital clocks at work that cost upwards of $20,000. I imagine the reason for their cost is that they are feature-packed and can act as Code Blue timers, countdown timers, mission clocks, you can drive them with NTP and 50 other things we don't care about or need (and that we ostensibly do not want to pay for).

What I'd like to do is buy a nice large serial-powered segmented LED or LCD display that can attached to a networked computer (which are a dime a dozen) and stop buying these fancy clocks with fancy integrated features. Preferably it will already be in a nice case, but we can have one made if it's just the display. If it can be serially driven that's a plus, if not we can find or build a backpack to drive it.

Are there readymade displays like BRG's that don't have all the timing and counting logic built-in - just the display?
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How about something like this? You can get the parts and controllers at SparkFun Electronics. (No connection, except as a satisfied customer.)
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I think you could make something with a 7-segment decoder on a parallel port, and some EL wire or neon or whatever. 6' of LCD doesn't seem like an economical way to do anything.
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Best answer: By large, it sounds like he actually means wide, with numbers around 4" high. In which case, take a look at http://electronicdisplays.com/prodcat/default.asp?cstop=3&pcid=3. Of course, please do feel free to clarify your needs.
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This might sound goofy, but how about getting a multi-head display card and an "array" of 4 LCD computer displays, side-by-side?
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