mac / pc remote desktop solution?
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mac / pc remote desktop solution? Similar to gotomypc?

Looking for a remote desktop solution compatible with mac and pc's that is similar to gotomypc / pcnow / logmein etc. Would like to connect without having to configure the remote router. Solutions that cost money is ok.
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Both Mac & PC - great program, secure too.

I dig it.

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Microsoft's free Remote Desktop Connection for OS X let's you control a Windows box, if that's the kind of thing you were after.
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Fishing Nut - someone else on here in another thread suggested logmein.

May I ask why the three you listed don't work well for you or you're looking for an alternative?

I'm leaving on friday and moving far from the parental units, so I'm trying to get them hooked up before I leave.
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Google for VNC. UltraVNC is good for PCs and there are ports to OSX. You must open the local routers ports (5900) but the remote router does not have to be affected as you will be establishing a connection with them.
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I second VNC. I'm running RealVNC as the server on my PC, and using Chicken of the VNC as the client on my Mac. Works flawlessly. CotVNC has a fullscreen mode and right-click emulation (by tapping Shift), both of which can be nice. I've only used it from Mac to PC, but I believe it will work the other way around as well.
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If it's Mac->PC (that is, using the Mac, to operate a PC) then Remote Desktop Connection is by far the best.. VLC is sloppy in comparison. If you need to do it any other way around though, VLC is where it's at.
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In addition to Ken Lay's comment - get a copy of Hamachi and you don't have to worry about ports.
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