Bibliographic reference management on the web?
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Is there some "Web 2.0" (by which I mean "well designed", not "shiny and in large type for no good reason) style site or package out there for managing bibliographic references online?
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Could be used in this way?
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What do you mean by "managing bibliographic references online"?

You should check out Diigo which allows you to annotate and markup and save webpages.
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Do you mean something like EasyBib?
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Best answer: CiteULike?
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Lifehacker's posting re: EasyBib also includes readers' other suggestions.
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when i did my research paper, i started with to just bookmark anything and everything i could which related to my topic. i then sorted through them and used easybib for the final bibliography.

i tried citeulike but found it extremely confusing.
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Do you mean something like Refworks? I've used it, I've generally liked it - if your institution is subscribed to reference databases, it can often find links to references, and you can link to .pdfs of documents on the web or on your desktop. The interface was a bit clunky and sometimes non-intuitive, but it may have improved since I used it ~1.5 years ago.
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Best answer: Connotea is very nice. I've also used CiteULike and like it quite a bit. There are also some useful Greasemonkey scripts for both.
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Though I usually use RefWorks, you may not have access through your institution. I've really enjoyed RedLightGreen for a couple of semesters now. Similar service with free access and a variety of bib. formats available for export.
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Response by poster: Oh, nice. I knew there had to be stuff out there, I just didn't know where to look.
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I like biblioexpress
It's free and easy too use.
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Response by poster: Oh, wow. Connotea is wonderful - you can just enter an article's DOI and it fills in the rest for you!
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Response by poster: Ugh. Let me amend that. Connotea would be wonderful if it worked. Unfortunately, 3 out of 4 page loads are either "Connotea is currently experiencing high load" or just a blank page.
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I've been extremely pleased with Google Notebook for this type of thing, I just found it recently and it's great.

It would be really cool if OneNote had a web module, I like using it for things I need only when on my desktop.
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Response by poster: How in the world would you use Google Notebook for this?!

I guess some people answering have no idea what bibliographic references are.
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I just select whatever I want to copy from a page and use the Google Notebook Firefox Extension to 'Add Note.' This automatically drops in the selection and the link. If I need any other information I just drop it in at the bottom of the note.

It's not going to generate a MLA works cited page, but it allows me to quickly capture things as I'm surfing the web.
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i used EasyBib quite a bit this past semester for college and found it extremely simple, intuitive, and helpful.
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Response by poster: I ended up using CiteULike. It's a freakin' godsend, especially for preparing for quals.

my library
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