No-Xplode says "Do not shake"
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No-Xplode says "Do not shake" on the label. Why not?

Getting back into weight lifting, and, on the recommendation of a friend, one of the supplements I'm taking is No-Xplode. It's basically a pre-workout energy-drink/workout-enhancer, but it comes in powder form, ready to mix with water. For some reason there's a pretty prominent warning on the label that says:

While mixing N.O.-Xplode
Stir powder with utensil

Now I'm typically mixing & drinking this in my cube at work, so it's logistically easier to shake it to mix rather than deal with a stirring utensil. It doesn't seem terribly carbonated or anything, so fizzing is not a problem. Here's the only related bit Google turned up, which simply says:

Also NOTE to anyone reading this, read the label of NO-XPLODE if you take it...DO NOT SHAKE! STIR! I found this out the ackward and hard way

I'm really more curious than anything, in a "WTF??" way: Why shouldn't I shake it if I wanna?
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The ingredients include "citric acid, sodium bicarbonate", so it will create gas (CO2) when it's mixed with water. In a closed container with a good shake, you'd likely blow the lid off the container and make a mess.
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If you do it, please videotape it for our enjoymentcuriosity.
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The brand name is awfully misleading, isn't it?
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Do not taunt happy fun ball.
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No, no I think the name is right on. The NO stands for Nitric Oxide. (Not to be confused with nitrous oxide as I did on the first read. That would be very different.)

Knowing that, the "Xplode" part is clearly a warning. StrongBad would be proud.
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damn, now I want to go find a bottle of this and do it.
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maybe it's NO (comma) Xplode, thereby suggesting that you DO explode!
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I shake mine in a water bottle every morning. And there appears to be a slight vaccuum as it effervesces. Nothing explosive though. Go for it.
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