How can an expat buy a scooter in Paris?
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Help me buy a scooter in Paris. I've just moved to Paris for work, and will be getting my carte de sejour (longterm visa) in a few weeks. I would like to find a decent second-hand Vespa or something similar. Some of the questions I have: Can I get a nice ride for under 1000€? Will I need an expensive French license (I currently hold one from NJ)? What type of insurance will I need and how much should I expect to pay? I'm looking to buy in September, so any help would be appreciated!
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You could start by trying craigslist paris, there's a couple of vespas for sale there (link), both about 600€.
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If you are planning to be in France for over a year you will need to transfer your licence to a French one. If you wait over a year, your licence will not be valid. And according to the Police (in French) you will also need to provide a translation as you do not currently hold an EU licence.

This is a pain and not likely to be cheap, but I would do it - I've had to do the same in Switzerland. The French are very hot on paperwork and I wouldn't want to be caught with what they consider to be an invalid driving licence, even if at home it has plenty of life left in it.
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Can I get a nice ride for under 1000€?

it depends on your definition of nice, but, not really. double that and you'll find yourself a sweet ride.
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Looks like not, and certainly not if London prices are anything to go by.

Might I suggest an ET4 - had mine for 6 years now and love it more with every hot day. Would it make sense to buy (and insure) one in London to avoid parking fines and speed cameras? Worth considering. Certainly, I wish I had French plates in London.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the info. I can probably go up to 1600 if I have to. And I'll see if I can exchange my license on the same day I pick up my carte de sejour. Got any other recommendations other than Vespa/Piaggio? I know Hondas and Yamahas can be cheaper, but the cool factor seems to be more suited to delivery people...
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