Do not bring: Non folding bicycles
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How do I get to Stansted Airport with a boxed bicycle?!!?!

I'm coming from Bristol and flying from Stansted to Malmo (Sweden!). I'm taking a bike (two actually) in a box.

I can get to central London by rail, but the train to Stansted doesn't accept bicycles (apparently there is no room), National Express Busses don't accept bikes, and a taxi seems to cost 80 pounds (more than my flight.......)

Do I have any other options?
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How much would it cost to ship out the bikes ahead of time?
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Response by poster: Looks like 120 pounds to ship it. (box is 75x30x120cm)
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Do they take large packages? What's to stop you from making the two bikes into two packages that look nothing like bicycles?
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Ride it there? It's only 150 miles or so -- it could be a little adventure. You might make it in 3-4 days. Although, since you have two, I guess a friend would have to ride with you.
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You can take bikes if they're boxed: see here (search for 'Stansted') But best to give them a call to make sure.

I've done it, but even with one (quite light) bike, its a nasty, sweaty business hauling it around the place. Give yourself lots of time, esp. in this weather.
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Best answer: the train to Stansted doesn't accept bicycles

Uh, are you sure? Their web site says that they do, if you have packed it in a box like it says that you have. If that won't work, you can take a train to Bishop's Stortford or Stansted Mountfitchet and get a taxi from there. I have personally taken unfolded unboxed bicycles on the London Liverpool Street–Cambridge service many a time without incident. There is frequently even a carriage with a bike pictogram on the side to show you where the bikes should go (different seating arrangement there).
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I forgot, happy holiday!
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We saw a couple with boxed bikes on the train into London from Stanstead in May.
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I think most trains do not accept bicycles during peak times (usually 7am-10am, 4pm-7pm). But as they're boxed, then if challenged you could say "um no sir, these are art installations".

Are you intending to take these things on the tube ?!
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Last summer I took a boxed bike on a National Express coach from Manchester Airport to Birmingham. If I recall correctly, they're not obliged to take it but I didn't have any problems. The driver didn't ask any questions or look the slightest bit disapproving.
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I just took a lot of luggage on the Stansted Express - I can't see why a a boxed bike would be a problem.

Get there early, though. Stansted is grim at the moment. It's waaay too small for the number of people going through it. The RyanAir queues are special.
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Response by poster: I, of course, had no trouble on the Stansted Express. As an added bonus, I paid only 13 pounds for my full trip from Bristol to Stansted. Thank you, Leisure Class C.
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