PHP class for externally posting to blogs?
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Anyone know of a decent PHP class or function library out there for externally posting to various weblog packages (Wordpress, Blogger, Movable Type) via XML-RPC?

I want to add "post to your blog" functionality to a website but I haven't had much success tracking something like this down. Pointers to anything helpful would be appreciated.
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Rather than a specific class/library, why don't you just write to the XML-RPC spec that each supports using XML-RPC for PHP. For example, the Movable Type XML-RPC docs. Its relatively straightforward and I would think that most if not all the code would work with the other projects (modulo a few features).
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You're expecting users to give you their login and password so they can post a reference to you in their blog from your site? That sounds like a large risk for little benefit. I suspect this is why there's a lack of existing code to do this.
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The only way this would work is if the code was on the receiving end of the site.. kind of like the "digg this" links, but supported by wordpress, blogger, etc where they could take in a link and PULL the content from you, rather than you pushing it to them...

Of course the opposite is technically feasible if users will input their usernames/passwords, but as scottreynen says: too much risk, too little reward.
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Response by poster: For future visitors of this thread: someone privately sent me the Incutio XML-RPC library which does what I was looking for.

Also this is getting to be a common feature, security concerns or no., digg and flickr for instance all offer "post to your blog" features.
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It looks like that Incutio link is a generic XML-RPC library, not a blog-specific class, so you'll still need to fill in the details of each individual service as mmascolino suggested. After you've done that, you might consider releasing your work to more completely answer this question for anyone in the future.
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