How can I get a wireless laptop to access the drives on a wired desktop?
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I would like a simply way to access my desktop's hard drives from my notebook. I don't have much networking experience. Both systems run WinXP. The desktop is hooked up to an 802.11b Lynksys Wireless-B router. The notebook, which has WiFi, gets its internet connection from this router. I realize that, with this system, there's no way that the desktop can access the notebook's harddrives, but what about vice versa?
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It's a piece of cake. Once you know how anyway.
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Response by poster: Thanks, y6. You solved my problem in seconds!
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Any advice on doing the same thing with mac osx?

I have an iMac without an airport but connected to the wireless router and a powerbook with airport extreme and connected wireless.
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Sharing in OSX is just as simple.

Just go to the "system preferences" and click on the "sharing" icon. You enable it on the system you want to share [or both]. Then from Finder on the 'client' system you Go->Connect to Server. In Panther it will search for systems on your home network and you can click it. Or you can click on the "Network" icon from Finder's sidebar. Once you have the volume mounted you're in business.

I have the same setup as you and use the imac and its firewire hard drive as giant file server.
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birdherder, on both computers in the network menu, i can't see their respective hard drives but i can see the other. How do you find the volume to mount it? And then, can you access the whole volume, or just the public folder?
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sorry, i CAN see their respective hard drives, but i CAN'T see the other.
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Never mind, I just figured it out. Thanks, birdherder.

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When I get lazy I use an ftp server in this situation. was good the last time I checked.
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