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Does O'Grady have a regular timeslot on the N?
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I believe it does only when there's a new season. When they are airing new episodes the shows air on regular time slots (with lots of repeats through the week). The last time they had new episodes (April), they aired on Friday nights.

My Tivo says there's only one episode in the next two weeks, and it is on Monday at 5:30am (and it's a repeat of an episode from March).
posted by i love cheese at 3:35 PM on July 25, 2006

A few episodes are available online here.
posted by sad_otter at 3:52 PM on July 25, 2006

Even better, though I highly doubt anyone will ever see this post, every episode ever (along with many many extras) is available here:
posted by TonyRobots at 5:02 PM on December 12, 2006

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