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PriceIsRightFilter: How do they determine the pricing for items on The Price Is Right? Do they use the MSRP or are they just pulling figures out of left field?

The majority of the stuff seems priced accordingly, but every once in awhile you'll see a $100 toaster (and yes, I know $100 toasters exist, but this definitely wasn't one of them), or a Broyhill armoire for under $1,000. This morning they had a PS2 with 4 games that was priced at $675. Do they (the show's producers, I guess) raise and lower the costs to make it harder to place a logical bid?

It all seems like a big pricing conspiracy to me, designed specifically to hide the fact that they're slowly but surely phasing out Plinko, the most popular game of all time. Seriously though, what gives?
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Do their prices really ever reflect real prices? I thought you were just supposed to watch the show so much that you would remember how much their things cost. Like a memory game.
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The show is a giant advertisement vehicle for the products. The prices are whatever the advertiser wants them to be, as long as the producers agree the games "work" within the context of the program.
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I don't know the actual answer, but I'd venture a guess... I'd say that the manufacturer of the product provides them with the price for the bid. Most are probably MSRP, but the mfg could supply whatever price they wanted advertised...
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frogan beat me to it - exactly my thoughts. I started to post about the ad revenue from the products but thought it wasn't totally relevant.
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Best answer: On today's show (May 28) you had a Honda XR 80 priced at 1848 on the Honda site it is priced at 1799. I was wondering how you come up with your prices for some of your prizes. I'm just curious I guess. Thanks for your time.
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Although we occasionally buy small items over the Internet, most of the prizes used on the show are obtained directly from prize vendors and/or manufacturers. Each prize supplier states in their contract with CBS the MSRP of the prize(s) they are supplying. That's how we get our prices.

About 40% of the way down
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Garth d'Entremont is the coolest name ever.
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cklennon - great link.
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