Find a list of available 8th grade Social Studies Textbooks
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8th Grade Social Studies Textbooks - I'm trying to compile a list of all available Social Science textbooks from major publishers. Does anyone know of a definitive list, or where to start? Most of the publishers don't seem to delineate between 7th and 8th grade textbooks.

I would welcome any help!
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I work extensively with K-12 textbook publishers as part of my job.

You won't find what you're looking for by grade level because Social Studies textbooks are primarily categorized by subject area, not grade. Every state has their own set of standards so what an 8th grader might study in NYC is different than what an 8th grader might study in Mississippi.

Also, whom do you consider "major"?
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The top four US textbook publishers are:

1. Pearson / Prentice Hall
2. Glencoe / McGraw Hill
3. Harcourt Education
4. McDougall Littell / Houghton Miflin

I would suggest you visit these websites and click on the "social studies" tab and see the offered texts. There was recently a big dust-up in California regarding middle-school social studies textbooks. The reason why some companies don't differentiate grade levels in MS books is that different states require different subjects at particular levels (i.e. California requires Ancient and Medieval in 7th grade while North Carolina wants American history in 7th grade, or whatever).
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