Wireless print servers - simple for the stupid?
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Wireless Network Filter: Wireless print servers - simple for a networking neophyte to set up?

We have two laptops at home accessing the interweb-thingy over a DSL powered wireless network. We have one USB color printer (HP) that currently we have to take the laptops to and plug it in so we can print anything. I am thinking of getting a USB-wireless print server (I’ve seen them by Belkin, Dell and D-Link for around $100) that the printer USB cord plugs into so we can then print to it wirelessly from anywhere in the house. My question is, are these fairly simple and idiot-proof to set up? Any known issues or problems with them?
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I've got a Linksys WPS54G that I'm not terribly happy with (someone else will say it's the greatest thing that ever happened, I'm sure). It does work. But, I've never gotten it to work truly wirelessly. That is, I can print to it from both of my wireless laptops, but I still have to connect it to the (Linksys WRT54G) wireless router via ethernet. Attempts to get it to connect wirelessly to the router, as well as the laptops, have failed.

Another minor grip is the system tray monitor software that comes with the print server is some really dodgy crap that hasn't been updated since 2004 or something. It often craps out.

That said, I love having the thing and it beats the hell out of running to the printer and connecting via USB2 every time you want to print a document.
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I suggest you do a bit of homework in advance to see if your printer is compatible with the print server. I have an HP Photosmart that (it turns out) doesn't work with my D-Link print server. I later bought a network ready Brother B&W laser printer and use the local photo shop for my color photo printing.
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