Looking for a USB conntector
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I am trying to purchase, online or in the Seattle area, a Type A (female) right angle dual stacked USB connector. I have been unable this far to find someone willing to sell be just one (as opposed to a ship container full from China). Anyone knoew where I might be able to? Radio Shack and Westlake Electronics do not carry them and Radar Inc did not have any right angle ones.
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Digi-key is a great resource for the electronics hobbyist. Something like 151-1085-ND (on the bottom of the page) work for you?
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Or Mouser.
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Try Connector World in Greenwood. I don't know if they have these in stock, but they certainly carry everything else.
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As a last resort, you should be able to get a crappy USB hub like this one anywhere, and desoldering them won't be hard.
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You can try Partstore online. They have a LOT of parts and supplies.

I don't know if Fry's (I think it is in, or near Kent) would have any, but it is a good reason to go... :-)
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone! I just got the part ordered from Digi-Key. Now I just have to manage to not fry the board installing it :)
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