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MeFotographers and other 'ites, how do I print out ~50 pics to put 'em on my wall?

There's always jwz's picturetile but the final result is not that attractive. I have a buncha snaps from the last few months that I want to mount on my wall. Is printing them at Costco and then mounting one by one the best option?
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qoop do a poster size print that might be what you're looking for. I think you might need a flickr account though.
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I guess it's not clear what you mean by "best." Assuming these are digital files, you could resize them, then put them onto one big file, say 20x30 or 30x60 inches and get a poster printed somewhere. If it was me I would probably print and mount or somehow frame them individually, though doing that so it looks nice could get a little pricey.

I like El Co Color Labs for poster printing, though you have to get 2 (not necessarily the same) prints to get those prices.
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If you're wanting something a little bigger, you can do like I'm doing.

I have 20 or 30 pictures that I really want to display in a big collage on my bedroom wall. I'm in the process of printing an 8x10 of each of them. I use Shutterfly for some, but I also keep my eye out for coupons on the deal sites. I also found 8x10 frames at Wal-Mart for $1.49 each - they're black plastic, but the part covering the picture feels an awful lot like glass. They add a thin black outline around the picture, so they're relatively unobtrusive. When I need more, I just go buy another box of 10 for 14.90. I'm arranging them semi-haphazardly on the wall, and it's already looking pretty good...
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98 photos? Try a lifeposter .
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Check out these fotoclips. They're really easy to use and and fairly cheap.
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How about using fotoclips?
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The lifeposter info is mac-only, but you can do essentially the same thing in powerpoint, just set the page size to the dimensions you need. I think 72"x48" is the maximum. You can the email your ppt to kinko's or whereever for printing. It's ~$70 for the maximum size, but significantly cheaper if you're less than 36" in the longest dimension.
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