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Recommendation for an endodontist in or around Irvine, CA?

First it was an on-lay, then that became a crown, now it's hurting worse than ever, and it's probably going to need a root canal. This whole series of procedures have left me less than confident in the competence of my prior practitioners.

I'm uninsured, so affiliation is not really a concern. I'm able to afford it, though of course a less expensive option would be preferable, but not at the expense of finally having this tooth done with.
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I just got a root canal from a Dr. Fang (no kidding!) in Tustin on Friday. He seemed nice. The office was clean, up-to-date. He charged $1,000 for the root canal. I didn't shop around so I have no idea if that's a good or bad price.

E-mail for more info if you want. fauna(underscore)frailty at hotmail.
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Response by poster: That sounds pretty average for an endodontist's root canal. I'm willing to shell it out if it means I don't need anything else done to my poor tooth. Thanks for the recommendation!
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My husband just went to Dr. Patrick Garrett in Garden Grove a few weeks ago and said it was the most painless root canal he's ever had. It's not right in Irvine, but it's only a quick hop up the 405. He's at 12777 Valley View St Ste 252 in Garden Grove and the phone number is (714) 799-2888. Don't know what the price was though, as the billing went to the insurance company. Good luck!
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