Help redirecting to a different url after an embedded movie is done playing
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I have a webpage that has an embedded movie (wmv) that starts when the page loads. My client is wanting the page to redirect to a different url after the movie is done playing instead of the movie just sitting there in the done position. Please help as my googlefu has failed me on this and I am not familiar enough with movies to figure this out. I am sure there is some javascript that can do this, but I cannot find it. For those that are a little confused I hope this helps: Client visits and when the movie is done playing it needs to go to
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Did you check the windows media docs on that? I've seen movies redirect to a URL before, so I'm sure it's easy to do.
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My Flash chops are weak, but I believe it's possible to put the wmv movie into a Flash, and you then put the redirect in the Flash, after the movie. Note that you're embedding the Flash into your page instead of wmv.
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Yeah, the best way is probably to have the WMV do the redirect if you can.

Keep in mind that it might not work on a Mac with the Flip4Mac plug-in installed (that allows QuickTime to play WMVs -- this is Microsoft's official Mac solution now). I'm pretty sure Flip4Mac only does video and ignores things like URL redirects. I might be happily wrong, though.
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There's some info here, msdn page here. It looks like WMV sends a "playstatechange" event that is equal to 8 ("MediaEnded"), when the "Media item has completed playback". Hope this helps.
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Navigation which automatically jumps between pages sounds like rather poor usability to me, what if the user wants to play the movie again or copy the URL or visit that second page before the movie has finished or just use the BACK button?
Also a lot of media players now have an option to ignore URL redirects.
I would talk the client out of this idea.
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