What is this bug?
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What is this bug? (pic)

This: http://filebox.vt.edu/users/jopucket/bug.JPG

My fiance and I have found 5 of these today in our apartment today ,mainly in kitchen and bathroom. We have seen these around (sometimes inside) for the last few weeks, but today is the first day that we have seen so many. What are they and how can we get rid of them?
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Looks like it might be a Boxelder bug.

If it is, well, it's nothing to worry about. If it isn't, someone else will probably tell you what to do.

A better pic and your location would be useful information...
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Response by poster: I am in Portland Oregon. My camera is horrible with closeups and that was the best of like 10 photos I took.
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There is a web site for this sort of question: What's That Bug?
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Looks to me like a vine weevil, but it is hard to tell from the photo. Is it very slow moving, sort of sluggish? If it is they are horrible pests. Every spring I find the larva in the pots on the patio and they can destroy plants in no time at all - they seem to attack almost everything I try to grow. The adults will also chew up the leaves. There's information here, including control treatments. http://www.rhs.org.uk/advice/profiles0600/vineweevil.asp
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I'll go with a weevil of some sort--hard to tell from the pic. A prominent proboscis is a clue, but hardly a key id feature. One starting place is subfamily Entiminae (and that web site generally).
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If it is a Boxelder bug, do NOT squish them on your walls or upholstered items - they leave a nasty stain. Try to vacuum them up or if they are on your plants or in sinks, you can spray them with a light soap/water mix and they will quickly die. I had a large infestation in my backyard and that took care of it.
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The general shape is wrong for a Boxelder bug (I have cousins that went to Boxelder High...).

It does look like a vine weevil to me, too. I've found the odd one of these in my house, but I don't generally mind 'em much. But I'm not a gardner, and nor do I have houseplants, which is where they'd really do their damage.

Compare it to these.
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