How can I attach a golf club to a motorcycle?
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My friend just got a motorcycle, but he's bumming since it's become nearly impossible to carry a golf club (for the driving range) with him anywhere. Any tips on how to safely strap a club to a bike?

We've googled for cane holders, but haven't really seen anything.

This sort of started after we saw Dr. House (yes that one) mount his cane to his newly accuired bike.

The bike is an '89 Yamaha 535, so it's smaller.
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Across the back in a sheath, like a sword? Otherwise, why not some of the fairly sturdy clips you can buy for household purposes, like holding brooms etc. Mounting may require some work, but it could surely be done.
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I've seen rigs to hold fishing poles on a bike, though I can't seem to find them on these here Internets.
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A golf club? Strap it to your sissy bar, dude.
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He needs to buy a sissy bar and a couple of straps. He also needs to pick and choose what clubs to bring, 'cause a whole set is a bad idea.
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You might look into rifle scabbards. In WW II, both sides (Allies and Germans) used to tie scabbards onto the upper fork sections of Harley-Davidson and BMW sidecar rigs, to carry carbines and rifles to be used by the driver when stopped.
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I've seen a system used on mopeds at a regional Victoria golf course, Port Fairy Golf Club. It was basically a rack designed to place the bag "Side-Saddle" behind the rider.

I have to admit it was a strange sight to see a group of four elderly men riding down a fairway on Mopeds with Golf Bags attached.

I haven't been able to find any references on the web, but I might give them a call tomorrow to see if there are any plans or details on the modifications.
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My first suggestion would just be to strap it across his back.
If that's not an option, either tie it to a fork arm, or under the tank on the right side. If it's under the tank he'd be straddling it along with the seat, so it'll be a little uncomfortable, but at least it won't interfere with his shifting.
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I like the idea of putting it in a scabbard as paulsc mentioned... my first response to this question was... "Couldn't he just use a chain or a broken bottle like all the other bikers?"

I ride bi(cycle) a lot with a tripod strapped to my back, and it's hard to control the thing. I vote against this method. Secure it to the bike, so there's never a chance that adjusting it will cause an accident.
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Would a shorter golf club help?
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In Bermuda it's quite common to see golfers riding their scooters down the road with their full set of clubs strapped to their back with one of those backpack-style club bags (you know, the ones with two straps like a backpack). They seem to do alright.
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I've done alright with my backpack style stand bag strapped to my back on some longish highway rides. I do worry a bit about what would happen to me if I went down, though.
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