Chess on the computer for a 6-year-old
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My 6-year-old daughter has recently developed an interest in playing chess. We have a blast playing together, but I think it would be fun for her to play against the computer (or other novices) during her "screen time." What are some good computer chess games/websites that would develop the game of a young novice? Free is best, but I'd be happy to buy something (Win XP) if needed. Pretty graphics would be a bonus, but aren't necessary.
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ChessKids is a great website for kids (plus by going through the lessons in advance, I was able to systematize some of my spotty knowledge of how to play -- e.g., which first moves are almost always the dumb moves).
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My son learned to play chess by using this software, and by playing with his dad.
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Response by poster: That looks great, jvilter. Exactly the kind of thing I had in mind (pretty, to boot). It doesn't seem to be available anymore, sadly.

Mabelstreet - I will certainly check that out with my daughter. She's more the type to jump right into playing without a tutorial, but if I can frame it as providing her tips for beating me (not exactly a difficult task), then she might go for it.
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Best answer: Chessmaster is really good. It has a bunch of simulated opponents of varying skill level, so you can actually beat it. :) It's copy-protected and requires the CD every once in awhile, but not every time you run it.
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Response by poster: Thanks Malor, that looks perfect.
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I've played Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents chess with my nephew at Don't know about all them ADD-inducing flash ads, but we still have a blast.
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