filter tips: do I really need one on my wet-dry vac?
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If I'm using my wet-dry vacuum to vacuum up water only (no dust), do I really need to use the filter?

The wet-dry vac in question is a Sears/Craftsman tank style (pretty much like the one here), and the filter looks like this, in case it matters.

I'm asking for my mom. I think she wants to use it without the filter as a cost-saving measure (or to save the filter). Obviously it's not worth it if it'll ruin the vacuum cleaner...
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Best answer: Don't use the filter in wet mode - it will gunk up, and overheat the motor. The filter should only be used in dry mode, so that crap doesn't get into the motor.
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Best answer: Seconded. Ruined a $20 HEPPA filter on my Rigid shopvac picking up water.
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Best answer: Thirded. Not good for the motor at all. You can hear the pitch rise on the motor as it works harder. That's how I catch the lazy summer students at work.
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