Do these things even exist?
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Where can I find CD Sleeves like these in the real world? They're super-easy to find online, but I'm on a bit of a time crunch, and I'm not dying to pay overnight shipping.

Okay, so I'm having a short-run of CDs made, and the sleeves need to go to the printer as soon as possible. I've looked at Office Depot, Staples, Best Buy, a few different record stores, Target, and god knows where else. Are there even stores in the real world that would stock these? I thought about trying to contact a cd duplicator and seeing if they'd sell me some, but it's the weekend and only retail places are open right now.

I'm in the DC area, if that's of any use.
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Have you spoken with your printer? They might be able to diecut them in house (it's not a very complex die) or have a source.
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Is there a problem using a sleeve which has a cellophane window? If not, Office Depot sells packages of 50 as item #560-941.
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Here's the thing about the printing - it's letterpress being done by an individual. So, less a "printing operation" and more "some kid in art school."

As for the cellophane window, no dice. I designed the front and back with these paperboard sleeves in mind, and there's design on both sides. The plan is for these to have a semi-crafty handmade look, and that just doesn't work with any windowed sleeves.
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Try large art supply (or even craft) houses. As you suggested, creative types need a source for mailing CDs to clients and potential employers. Also try checking the yellow pages for "paper products" or "paper supply."

I'm afraid Sunday is not your friend for such a search....
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I've never seen them sold, but they're often used as mailers for magazines w/ poly bags. You could try calling a post office or UPS Store.
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Perhaps FedEx-Kinkos? As mentioned above, I only see the windowed sleeves online at Office Depot but I assume you checked there as well?
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I personally have purchased those sleeves in boxes of 200 sleeves each from my local Sams Club.
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I've gotten these at Sam's Club, Staples, Office Depot, and my local grocery store.
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