Help me bracket!
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Can someone tell me how to auto-bracket using my Canon 10D?

I can't find anything in the manual and my google fu seems to be failing. All the web sites I find tell me the pros and cons of auto bracketing but no one tell me how to do it. Where is the setting on my camera?
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Best answer: You may have to be in one of the "creative" modes to do bracketing (M, Tv, Av, P). I don't have a 10d, but I have its little brother, the 350D. If you go into the menus, likely on the second page of menus (hit the "jump" key). There's a couple bracketing bits - exposure and flash. move down to exposure, hit the "set" key, and use the right/left arrows to spread the limits out. hit "set" again when you've set it the way you want - don't just press the shutter down, like I always do.

Again, this is based on my 350D, but I can't imagine Canon has changed the menus tht much.
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I assume since you checked my answer off, it worked. If you'd like more advice on this sort fo thing (I use it extensively) write me via the email in my profile.
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