The optimal amount of beach volleyball clothing
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From a purely functional standpoint, what is the optimal amount of beach volleyball clothing?

From a functional standpoint, would women benefit from wearing more clothing? Would men benefit from wearing less?
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I should think tight clothing covering the genitalia, primary and secondary, for protective purposes.
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I wonder if small-breasted women benefit at all from wearing a top? I've known some A- and AA- level women players who competed in nude leagues (though they played on grass, IIRC). I'd guess (not being a woman myself) that all some women would need is a bikini bottom to keep sand out of the cooter. Functionally speaking, that saves you a few ounces of mass.
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jewzilla: do they receive any benefit? Two words: Sunburned nipples. (of course, TMMV)
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Unless someone is very fit, a tight-fitting shirt is good for both males and females as it keeps stuff from jagglin' about. Just make sure the shirt does not restrict movement.

Think "streamlined."
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I understand that beaches can be rather hot, so maybe wearing a large area of white would help keep you from overheating.
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