Cracked FlashCard Calculator LCD
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I cracked my FlashCard Calculator LCD. Can I fix it?

It was in my wallet, but I guess it didnt like the idea of being sat on all the time. Here's a pic.

I'd like to try and fix it, by getting a new LCD or something. The model number is LS-716H. Is this possible?

It's not sentimental or anything. The Inner Geek in me just wants to try and fix it.
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The Inner Geek in you should first figure out how to open it up and examine the LCD for any identifying marks.

That said, many LCDs are custom for the specific product, so your only source for a replacement LCD may be Canon, and they may laugh at you and charge you more for shipping a replacement LCD as it would cost you for a replacement calculator.
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My personal experience in swapping such screens has been dismal; they're connected with this little cubic strip of rubber with electrical contacts embedded in it.

Once this rubber thing is removed from a screen, I've never gotten one (taken from an identical calculator with something else broken) to adhere and come fully back to life.

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I'm with fake, tiny LCDs are hard to replace even if you're just removing one and putting it back in. I've done it a few times, but it's hit and miss.

Beyond that, by far the easiest way to get a new unit of that specific LCD is going to be to drop $7 on a whole new LS-716H calculator...
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Oh, and quit carrying it in your wallet. :-)
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