Where to view London tube posters online
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On the London tube there are posters called "Above Ground" that show an above ground view of the route of the train you're riding in relation to various landmarks, museums, major streets, etc. Does anyone know if these posters can be viewed online somewhere?

Also, are there separate posters for every train line or just the ones that pass through central London? Here is a link to a small jpg of one of them.
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No landmarks, but this is a geography-bound map of the London Underground.

I think the Transport for London site has one that morphs from diagram to geographic, too. (Come to think of it, they're probably your best bet for those posters).
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I've only ever seen them on the line you've linked to, the Piccadilly.

Have you tried asking at the London Transport Museum's shop? While the museum's closed for refurbishment, the shop is still open. Here are their posters, I couldn't find it but you may have more luck. Plus you might find something else you like—there's a treasure trove of stuff there.

Or, next time you're on the Piccadilly, look at the bottom of the poster for the designer (I know its there, but I can't remember it offhand and I'm too far from a Piccadilly line station to look for you). You could then Google him/her.
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There's only one poster, and it's for the Piccadilly line. No-one seems to be quite sure why they never did more, as it's a good idea. Your best bet is probably to just get someone to take a high-res digicam shot of one -- I would, but my camera's broke.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. It is a good poster and I was hoping there were more of them.
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Here is a great site for all sorts of variants on the standard tube map. This is a mirror of an older version of the site showing maps that the owner has apparently been asked to remove.
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Response by poster: Wow, rongrongo, those are great! Thanks.
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