Toll charges website?
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Is there a website that lists the toll charges for major highways in the US?

My husband and I will be traveling from Wisconsin to Massachusetts next month. We are trying to calculate the amount that should be allotted for tolls. Is there an easy way to do this?
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This Wikipedia article listing toll roads has links to various toll roads in the U.S. and to a website that has prices listed.
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Assuming you stay on the Interstates -Madison to Boston:
I90(Illinois) to I80/I90(Indiana/Ohio) to I90 to I87(NY) to I90(Mass):
Skyway $2.50
NW Tollway $4.20

Indiana Toll Road $4.15

Ohio Turnpike $8.95

New York:
NYS Thruway $15.20

Mass Turnpike $4.60

= $39.60

There may be a tollway in Chicago I missed, as well as misc bridges and such, but it's a pretty good guess.
If you stay south from mid-Ohio, you could probably avoid a big chunk of the tolls, but you'd probably end up burning more in added gas than you save. YMMV.
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OT: If a website to do this doesn't already exist, it might be a really neat project to start. And if 'back road' routes around the tollbooths were mentioned, it would be even neater.
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also OT: I was thinking just last week, after having to take a long drive filled with small tolls that I didn't get receipts for and wondering how to calculate expenses, that a website that calculated tolls for a given route would be amazing. I googled for one, but found nothing. Seems like an advertizing moneymaker to me. Wish I knew how to make one.
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If you know your route, you might try poking around each state's website or if they have one, their DOT's website for that sort of thing. I know Pennsylvania's Turnpike, for instance, has its own website with a toll calculator. It would be piecemeal, but you could approach it from that angle.
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