What's within a five hour drive of my home city if I can drive in any direction?
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Is there a google maps hack that will draw a circle around a given location to show a radius of distance (by mileage or time) around that location?

What I want is a rough idea of where I could get if I drove for 5 hours in any direction around my home city - ideally represented by a colorful graphic overlay.

You see this a lot in college viewbooks, etc -- radii of distance around the town so people know approximately how long it will take them to drive there. For example, concentric rings representing 5, 10, 15 hours.
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If it exists, it would be a real feat : determining such things supposes to know the speed limit to each road, knowing where are the major geographical landscapes, stuffs like that. I think putting a plain red circle would be easy, but giving a more acurate representation of this, well... I'd buy it :)
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MS Streets & Trips can do this.
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FWIW I used to do this with a paper map and compass, with each 50 miles representing about one hour of driving. And thanks for the info about S&T, skwm.
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According to this earlier AskMe thread, you can do it with the pay version (US$20 - sounds reasonable) of Google Earth.
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XiBe is right: it's not easy. A group in England has tried this, generating maps with, not concentric circles, but "isochrones" - lines of the same travel time.
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Here's the link.
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