Who was that little yellow man painted on the side of the glass?
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I saw this on here like two years ago but I can't find it now. Anyway, I'm trying to remember the name of these little television spots (it may have been a full show, but I don't thinks so) that featured a little yellow man painted on the side of a glass. It was for children. Anyone?
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Best answer: Teeny Little Super Guy, a group of spots made for Sesame Street.
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And now I've got his theme music stuck in my head. 'You can't tell a hero by his size—I'm just a teeny little super guy (ohh yeahhhh!)'
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Piggyback question for the Sesame Street lovers- does anyone know a place to download (or any info about) this spot:

Mom tells little kid to go to the store. "Get a loaf of bread, a stick of butter, and a container of milk" Kid repeats this over and over to funky music. Eventually gets to the store and gets the stuff.

I thought the kid had a certain name, and in any case, I'd LOVE to see it again.
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fake, see this thread. We've tried and tried, and never been able to find the thing.
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Thanks Gleuschk. I see it had been posted to YouTube and subsequently removed... though there are dozens of other sesame clips. Drat.
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Whoa, two mysteries solved in one day. I remember both of these, and the teeny little super guy has been driving me buts for a long time. For some reason I thought he was claymation though.
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A loaf of bread...
Man, thanks, that thing puts me straight back thirty-plus years ago. Wow.
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A crafty vixen has created a pretty nifty tribute to TLSG.
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OMG!! I just ADORED Teeny Little Super Guy.

I still know the whole song by heart, learned during many a Sesame Street-watching session in my nanny years.

Thank you all for all the links!! This made my day.
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OK, that YouTube link helped me stumble across "The Alligator King", and I'm forever grateful! You rock, man!
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