Help me find a vaguely-described book.
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I read a book when I was 12 or 13 about a boy who may have been living in Wales. The only things I remember about the book are that it involved aliens, cairns (as grave markers?) and that it scared the heck out of me. Does this ring any bells with anyone?
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Hmmm, a minor bell rings for me on this one.

Did it have a character who owned a large white dog? Was the main character not Welsh, had moved there with his family? I may be thinking of something else entirely.
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tomble, you're thinking of "The Grey King" by Susan Cooper.
A good series of kids' books, but no aliens.
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Any approximate idea of when it was written?
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Ah, of course - The Grey King! You know, I've been meaning to ask what that book might be, thanks Seamus!
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Don't know the book you're talking about, but the description sounds like a flick called Children of the Stones.
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It sounds very much like Time and Mr. Bass by Eleanor Cameron, one of a series of books about people from the Mushroom Planet.

It's really creepy and wonderful and impossible to find in hardcover.
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I remember the book, but I seem to be able to recall just about exactly as much about it as you do.

I'd love to find out what it is, though.
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Response by poster: A non-mefite suggested Susan Cooper as well - the only kicker is that I can't find a reference to cairns in her books (but I may just not be looking closely enough).

Another random memory - the aliens (?) are wolf-like and walk upright. So, in the manner of werewolves but distinctly un-werewolf.
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It's not an Alan Garner is it? I seem to remember something like that (Elidor?).

Alan Garner used to really freak me out. In a good way.
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Susan Cooper wouldn't have reference to cairns in her books, but she wrote about warestones . One of the books from The Dark is Rising series may be what you're looking for, though it doesn't include the aliens you remember.
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Fuck. I'm trying to remember this one too. Did the story involve a lighthouse?
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