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Can you recommend a program on DVD or PC for learning English as a second language?

One of my colleagues injured himself and is unable to work. He wants to use his time off to improve his English, which is very rudimentary. He speaks fluent French.

Can you recommend a program?

He's a visual learner, so I'm looking for something fun and interactive. DVD is preferable since he can't really sit at a desk. However, he might be able to get his hands on a laptop if necessary.

I guess he could just watch movies or TV, but I'm looking for something a bit more structured.
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Rosetta Stone gets good reviews from everyone I know who's tried it, though I don't know anyone who has done the ESL version. It's a beginner program, though (I think), so that'd depend on how rudimentary his English is. There might be an intermediate/advanced version.

It's a couple hundred bucks, but it seems to be a good investment.
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There's an ESL program offered in the Muzzy series, which seems fun and interactive. DVDs are offered as well as VHS, and there's a lot of supplemental materials.

Used versions are often available more cheaply from resellers. If you go the official route, there's a 30-day full-refund return policy . . . which might work out well if you think his injury might keep him out for less than a month, say.

DISCLAIMER: I WORK FOR MUZZY'S PARENT COMPANY. I don't work directly with the Muzzy program, don't work on commission, and wouldn't personally benefit from this in any way.
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Rosetta Stone is superb and has programs from very beginner through advanced. My Thai wife used it to greatly improve her English. Yes, it is expensive, but well worth the investment.
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Rosetta Stone offers both British and American versions of ESL.

I know nothing about them, but a friend of mine did the Japanese course and said it was very good.
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