Boat won’t start. Help!!!
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Help save my vacation. Boat won’t start. More inside.

Here is what I have: 91 Searay 5.0 Mercruiser Alpha 1 outdrive.
Symptoms: Small “click” when I turn the ignition key. Solenoid? Small draw on the voltage indicator. Plenty of power to the outdrive hydraulics. Everything normal last time out, a month ago. Seems to be no power to the starter motor.
I had the battery checked and it’s good. I’ve cleaned the terminals etc. Swapped the ignition fuse with one known to be good. Checked the connections to the key switch.
I have limited tools with me. The usual boat kit. A few wrenches sockets, pliers, etc.
The boat is in the water so I can at least fish and swim but there is no shop available before I must return to work.

After lunch I plan to reinstall the battery (took it to town to have it checked) and tap on the solenoid thinking that maybe it’s stuck. Any other ideas?
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While you're tapping, give the starter itself a few smacks. Sometimes failed or failing starters can be made to work if you whack them a few times.

If you have a set of booster cables, you could try jumping the positive terminal of the battery to the positive lug on the starter - that will at least tell you if the starter is functioning or not.

I don't know that I'd head out in a boat that might not start again once I get wherever I'm going though - that's your call.
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Just a click? Solenoid would be a good place to start.
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maybe check that the throttle is really in the neutral position. I had the same issue a few months back, and it was a crappy throttle cable that wasn't getting the motor into neutral.
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Response by poster: Tapping did not help. Maybe I need a bigger hammer. I thought the cable may be the culprit (had trouble there before) but then the solenoid would not click? So... making the best of a bad situation, I've got a call into the local boat doctor who makes house calls and am now reacquainting myself with Margaretville
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I'd vote solenoid too, or starter motor.

When I used to get similar symptoms in my old honda (car), and they were always fixed with a solid bash of the starter with a hammer/steering lock/etc.

Good luck.
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Response by poster: Up and running. It was a solenoid. There are 2 on most boats, so I learned.
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Better your vacation needs saving before you left the dock.
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