Know any cool DC Clothing Stores?
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Do you know cool local female clothing stores in DC?

I have a female friend visiting me at my parent's place in DC (near Dupont Circle) for a week, and I haven't lived here much in the last four years or so. We're looking to go clothes shopping together, and I don't know where to go. We're not looking for any national chains, anything overly like hot-topic, or specifically 'punky'. She's not at all the stereotypical "Math is hard! Let's go shopping!" girl, if that helps.

Here's a what she has to say about herself:
I'm a cute girl from Seattle with a quirky and fun taste in clothes. I love color. I'm in college, so I need something cheap. I'm especially interested in finding dresses.
Also, if you know of anything cool going on in DC from July 28th to August 4th, please feel free to comment.
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While there are some upscale chains in the area, the Georgetown district (an over-bridge walk from DuPont Circle) has a few fun boutiques you might want to check out.
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This guy suggests the District Line on 18th. Never actually been in there, but it looks cool from the outside.
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Pop. Just a bit east of Dupont Circle.
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Blazecock Pileon:

I know my way around DC really well, I lived there for 16 years, what I'm asking for is specific clothing stores to go to.
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Pop is awesome! While she's there, she might want to walk up to U street and check out some of the stores there. I honestly don't know any of their names b/c I usually just walk in as I'm out and about, but I think one is called Wild Women Wear Red or something like that -- there are a few on U between 13th and 16th streets. I also usually find nice tops in Proper Topper on Connecticut in dupont (there's one in georgetown too), but that's a little pricier. And then there are a bunch of cute boutiques further up Wisconsin than where the chain stores are in Georgetown where you'd be able to find unique things, but again, they might be too expensive.

As for things to do -- you'll be in DC for the last few days of the Capital Fringe Fest!
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I know you didn't specifically ask for vintage, but DC has a few fun stores that give cool clothing a second chance. There are some great vintage find in the U Corridor district of DC. Start where U street veers off from Adams Morgan, and visit Meeps and Aunt Neensy's, Home Rule (not a clothes store, but has quirky decorating things) and the other boutiques in that area. Secondi in Dupont has tons of nice vintage clothes, as does Annie Creamcheese in Georgetown, though that's my least favorite vintage store in DC.

If you're willing to take the metro farther out, the Del Ray area of Alexandria has a few gems, like Remix, and as a bonus, you can rest your feet at St. Elmo's Cafe.

Georgetown does have more traditionally fashionable shopping, less quirky and more glam, and they have an Urban Outfitters to boot. You'll find all the unreasonably priced halter tops and glittery stilettos your heart desires.
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IANAG, but my girlfriend adores Pink November (both Georgetown (on wisconsin) and U street branches) 3D in Georgetown (right next to PN) is a very chique boutique that has stuff most girls dont wear, (oh the prices though)...

I personally think Pop is way too... uh popped collar-Penguin-Ben Sherman, but there are stores near it that are way nice. Muleh is a furniture store (from the outside) that has the freaking awesomest lines of clothes.

Oh and my favoritest boutique is Circle Boutique which is around 17th and R. They have great sales and constantly have stuff on the sales rack.

If you want to take a metro ride, Mustard Seed in Bethesda is a bit more reasonable with their fashionables, and have cheaper second hand stuff...

check out the Post's Going Out Blog for advice on shopping.

Other stuff to do: Fort Reno rock shows under the stars in Tenleytown... and Bethesda Restaurant week is right now.

/end huge gushing clothes whore rant
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Seconding Circle Boutique. You could also try Alex Boutique (1919 Penn) and Lettie Gooch on 9th between T and U (not too far from all those other fun U St. shops the other posters suggested.)

I also like Unsung Designers on 18th St. in Adams Morgan. (I am wearing a top from there right now, and they have great jewelry as well!) However, they are primarily an online retailer and are only open for in-person shopping on the first Saturday of every month. Keep an eye on their website, though, maybe they'll schedule a special trunk show during that week. And if not, just keep it in mind for next time!

I don't know that I would classify any of these spots as "cheap," but I think they are mostly reasonable, considering the quality and uniqueness of the clothes.
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