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Adding a searchable "store locations" to your website.

I have a client who wishes to add a searchable "store locations" database on their website. They have a simple drop down form by state, but would prefer to search by zip, is there a quick and dirty way to make it integrate with google maps or something similar.
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If by quick and dirty you mean compiling a list of store addresses into an XML file, then figuring out the Google API so that you can load each address into the map, then yes, there is.

Google API is really easy once you've worked with it. There are a lot of tutorials around, I don't remember any specific ones that helped me, however.
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Using PHP/MySQL? Try this.

If not, there's always Try searching for store locator.
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Thanks for the info. I am unfortunately not their web developer, they don't exactly have one, so I was wondering if someone had already done a project we could work with, considering a lot of the "pay to use our business zip code search" are not the direction they want to go.
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sent the link to the client, it offers tech support for the product, etc. A commercial solution, but it can be hosted on their own server.

Thanks again!
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