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"The Buddha Machine" Does this actually exist and where can I buy it?

Having picked up the recent Believer magazine on a whim, I came across this great article, in which the guy talks about this "Portable Ambient Music Generator." for the reasonable price of $23.00.

So, is it actually out there?
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Yup. I've seen them for sale in Toronto. C$30 at Soundscapes.

Try an alternative music store or buy one thru the band's website.
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Best answer: The group that created it is called FM3, based in Beijing. US distribution is by Forced Exposure. That Believer article is pretty good. Pissed me off that they didn't even mentioned the artists behind it.

A while ago I collected some of the press on it, if you're interested.
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Best answer: It's available here for $25
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Response by poster: Awesome! The article was fantastic, it caught that feeling of first falling in love with music perfectly. thanks everyone!
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For anyone in Austin, End of an Ear on South 1st was selling them a couple of months ago.
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It's been an under the counter item at my local record shop for a while. I want to take one out and play with it but the glass display case! It prevents me!
posted by shanevsevil at 2:15 PM on July 18, 2006 has the most info, including a link to a demonstration on YouTube.
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I just want to say that I bought one as a last-minute gift this past christmas through Forced Exposure, and they were great about getting to me: I'd changed a delivery address late in the game, IIRC, and it was no problem. The Buddha Machine is fun, and Forced Exposure were great.
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I have two. They're great, especially hooked into a sound system. My S.O. likes to cook to it.
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What a charming concept (and at a very reasonable price). I totally just went and bought one. Looks perfect for work, when I need to tune out distractions but not be distracted by the music itself.
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I got mine at The Thing on Changle Rd, in Shanghai, and thought it was overrated. But then I'm the kind of person who doesn't wear an MP3 player on my commute because I like the urban sounds of the street and subway.
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Wow, it sounds really cool. If I was looking for one in Sydney, any idea where I would go?
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