You got your Puma in my Wipeout!
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Downloadable content for PSP Wipeout Pure - is there any way to get a US Delta Pack to work on the EU version of the game, or otherwise remove the obnoxious Puma ads?

I picked up Wipeout Pure the other day, and am having great fun with it - I specifically got the EU version so I could install the beautiful Omega tracks, which aren't available to the US version of the game. However, I didn't know the Delta Pack came with intrusive, obnoxious Puma advertising in Europe. Given that the tracks have fictional billboards instead in the US version, and given the amount of poking and prodding various smart people have done to the PSP since launch, does anyone know of a way to either install the US pack on my EU version of the game, or strip out the horrible adverts?

Extra points for a version of the Wire05 pack that'll work with the European version!
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