Buying Local Meat in Chicago
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Where can I buy locally-raised meat and dairy products in Chicago?

I am looking for places where I can purchase locally-farmed meat and dairy products in Chicago (preferably North Side, but I'm willing to travel a bit). I know that Green City Market has lots of stuff, but I'm hoping for something that's year-round and a bit more consistant. Specifically, I'm looking for eggs, milk, beef and chicken and while I know I can get organic stuff at Whole Foods, I'm very interested in eating more locally-produced foods.
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This usually comes up first with these types of questions:
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paulina meat market on lincoln near belmont has some locally raised meats (they have other meats as well).
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Traders Point Creamery has superbly delicious (whole) milk and yogurt. Looks like a number of places in Chicago sell their stuff.
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I haven't been there yet, but Newleaf Natural Grocery in Rogers Park claims to have locally raised meat and dairy.
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Are you looking for raw milk? Or just direct-from-the-farm milk?
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Response by poster: Just direct-from-the-farm milk.
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"willing to travel a bit" - how about to the Loop?

All the downtown farmer's markets (& most neighborhood ones) feature local producers that boast organic/sustainable items. Why not go there and ask them if they produce animal products as well? They'll be able to tell you who retails them in the city even if they don't want to sell to you directly. And even if they are strictly veg, they'll be most likely point you to producers who do meat (sic) your needs.

Anchor page for all the city farmer's markets here.

Loop markets run on weekdays, neighborhood ones on weekends.
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The Wettstein Farm does great work. If you call them, they'll put you on a mailing list to let you know when and where they'll be selling their wares. (They're related to the other Wettstein Farm, but I'm not sure if they share a common mailing list.)

Also, I think there was talk of a Wettstein CSA, but I don't know if that's happening or not.
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Have you looked through the (many) Chicago -area listings at LocalHarvest? It has become the number one go-to site for local farms.
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Oberweis Dairy is local to Chicago, and products are available at the Oberweis stores, Fox & Obel, Whole Foods, Dominick's, and Jewel.
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Timber Creek? They are the Peapod of organic food in Chicago, supposedly. Their farm is in Yorkville and they sell dairy, meat, veggies and fruit. I haven't tried them yet.
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