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I have a standard Myspace account. Can I turn this into a MySpace "Music" , or artist, account? Or do I have to create a new account?
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I'm fairly certain that you'll have to create a separate account.
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I know that at one time there was a way to do this. Be warned that this was a one-way operation - A friend of mine did it, and then wanted to go back due to the personal dissociation a music account seems to entail. No such luck. He ended up trying to make his music page look like a normal myspace profile via css hacks.
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Supposedly the way to do this was to just e-mail the admins and they would convert it, but when a friend of mine did this he got absolutely no response whatsoever so he just created a new account. (Which I suppose is beneficial to myspace as they end up with inflated user numbers, but is kind of a pain if you've already signed up with your primary e-mail address)
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or just try this (quoting from an email I got from them):

In order to change your existing account into a band profile you have to login to your account. Then you will need to click the following link, or copy and paste it into your browser's address bar:
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My experience was the same as TwoWordReview. FWIW, YouTube now offers music accounts that are strikingly similar to MySpace. Seems ok so far.
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(I had the same experience as TwoWordReview and KevinSkomsvold, but after 10+ e-mails they finally got back to me.)

omnidrew has it. Login to your myspace and use that URL.

I don't know why they don't just put this info in the FAQ...
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I don't know why they don't just do a million things to make the site easier to use. But they never do and people still use it. So, it's working for them, I guess.
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If you've got multiple people in your project who want to manage the myspace site, as far as I can tell you all have to share the password. So in band situtations, it's probably good to just sign up for a fresh artist account.
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There are threads on doing this in the MySpace forums. Goto Forums --> MySpace --> General.
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Just found this thread. The "fuseaction=BandProfile.convert" links no longer work.
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