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Where can I get married in Yorkshire?

I proposed, she said yes (yay!). Now we need to find a beautiful place to get married. Somewhere in Yorkshire, or an hours drive around, in a beautiful setting. We don't want a big church affair so the premises should be licencsed for marriage. We want a good reception, with good food, a very late bar and/or the possibility to bring our own booze/food. Suggestions? Experiences? Recommendations?
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I'm guessing you've already seen the list of approved premises in Leeds? There are some fairly crap hotels on there.

Of those on the list - Haley's food is magnificent, but the place is small and proper expensive. I've only been there as a restaurant, rather than a wedding guest, but expect they'd get the catering right.

I've been to dos at Weetwood, Harewood and that masonic lodge place in Headingley, which were all rather nice events but not what I would have chosen. Weetwood had a real conference hotel feel to it, and although the courtyard by the stables is a nice place to sit outside, it's open to the public. I can't remember if there was a late bar. They all probably miss out on the beautiful setting bit, apart from Harewood, but at Harewood we were outside in a marquee rather than indoors. Which was fine, but it had a sort of temporary feel to it.

I understand that those places which have the license for civil ceremonies bump up the price something awful, so you might want to consider a register office do and then bussing it out somewhere beautiful for the rest of the day.
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Fountains Abbey is beautiful - and do weddings.
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Two of my friends got married at Newburgh Priory (sounds religious - isn't). Absolutely lovely. They had the reception at a large restaurant/pub 'The Abbey Inn' opposite Byland Abbey , both of which are about 2 miles from the Priory. The inn can be hired out in its entirety and the food was excellent. The area is on the edge of the Vale of York and is stunning. There are four very high quality rooms at the Inn, most of which have a view over the abbey directly opposite. The bridal suite has four poster, etc, very traditional. Between the priory and the abbey is Coxwold, a small village with a fair few B&Bs for guests, there are other villages within a few miles also with B&Bs. Coxwold has a really good traditional pub with decent food that we used as a meeting place for the people at the wedding. Honestly one of the best weddings I've been to.
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Whitby Manor is as lovely a setting as any on earth. There's an ancient chapel at the foot of the manor drive. Lots of apartments, deluxe, accommodate families. Formal garden for reception, and generous dining hall are pure fairy tale. Google it and tell Christine hi from Jill of two Xmases past.

Or on top a moor.

Yorkshire Cathedral.

A deserted monastery.

A becky dell.
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I got nostalgic for Whitby Manor and am sad to report it appears to have closed for business. Pity, that.

Stokesly House looks charming, but my heart had you in Whitby!
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MY parents were married in Yorkshire, though I can't recall the name of the church (it was *very* small). I would second Fountains Abbey, it is very lovely indeed. Much more so than the pictures on the website BishopLoveScifi linked to suggest.
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Ingleby Manor. I completely forgot the name of that lovely place, believe it or not. Not Whitby. It's in the North Yorkshire Moors Park and elegant, comfortable and doable for families.
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