Learning classes in PHP
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Can you point me in the right direction for good tutorials on using classes in PHP?

The emphasis is on 'good'.

I learnt PHP maybe 5 years ago and I've tried to get my head around classes several times since but for some reason it just won't go.

So... good, online, free tutorials would be good. Knowledge of PHP is fine but I've got no knowledge of object oriented programming at all.

Cheers guys...
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You could always go right to the source. Zend has quite a few tutorials that are worth looking at.

Here's another one.

Also, take a look at the Java tutorials. The code is slightly different than PHP (obviously) and PHP lacks some of the more tantalizing aspects to OOP (namespaces primarily) but the breakdown of classes and OOP in general is quite good.
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I've seen a couple of tutorials on classes for PHP, but they're written from the perspective that you're already familiar with classes in another language.

I'd second the suggestion of learning the concept through Java. Any good Java book will explain classes in the first few chapters and then you'll deal with them throughout the book.
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