Out! Out of that damn job!
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I told the CEO of my company that it was time to talk "exit plan" a week ago. In the interim I'm at an industry convention...

I'd love to exploit this opportunity to make connections and let people know that I'm looking to make a move. I accidentally informed one of my vendors, so it's already "out there", but I feel weird about telling anyone else. I think it looks like I'm being an opportunist. This is complicated by the fact that my employer is making some changes to alleviate the reason I want to leave.

I wasn't really *wanting* to leave, but my boss was making Anna Wintour look positively sane. So, now that I don't report to her any longer I'm not running out the door, but I know that things aren't right and there aren't any real long terms signs that things will be. I still need to make a move, but I'll at least have a steady income while I look.

Is there a good way to take advantage without looking sleazy?
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One thing you can do is tell all yr connections that you know someone who's out there, looking for a job, roughly the same skill set and experience as your own, do they know of any opportunities, etc?

You then have a reason to follow up with them when it's time, revealing that it's actually you, of course.

Some will know that you're talking about you, and that you're giving consideration to something that you can't commit to. It's legit.

Good luck.
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I'm not sure I would 'out' myself to folks at the convention. From their perspective, you might be seen as 'sleazy' because who's to say you won't be doing the same thing to them (looking for a new job on their dollar) in a few years?

I'd just pick up business cards of the people you're interested in working for. Make some chit-chat with them. Then, when it's time to really leave your company, you can contact them and say 'Hey, Joe, I met you at XYZ convention and we chatted about ABC. I'm looking to make a move and blah'.
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Yeah, definitely don't do it at the convention, especially if your company is paying you to go to the convention. What you should be doing at the convention is keeping an eye out and asking intelligent questions about their business - this will give you a better perspective on whether you want to work at place X. I did this once (asked people about jobs directly) and it got back to my boss and I was quickly disabused of my position. Even if your boss knows you're discussing exit strategy, doing this kind of thing at a trade show is almost never the appropriate forum.
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Agree w/posts above. I suggest you make friends at convention and later let your 'friends' know you've changed your email address and simult. suggest you're in transition.
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Response by poster: Thanks all. That's pretty much what I was thinking. Appreciate the reality check.
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I Nth agreement. Everyone expects you to be networking at an industry conference so there's no reason not to chat people up about their organization and get contact information so you can call them later. This is a good opportunity to demonstrate how well you can do a job, not how well you can pursue employment. If they're impressed by your work they'll be delighted to be approached by you later.
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