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LondonRelocationFilter: Help me find a headhunter in London!

I’m very seriously considering relocating to London from NYC later this year. I have a few leads already, but I would like to discuss my options – legal and business positions – with a London headhunter (and of course it would be great if said headhunter could help me find a good job). Any recommendations as to good headhunters or ways of finding one?

I’m wary of getting into more detail here, but please feel free to contact me at askingaboutlondon at gmail.

P.S. I'm a UK citizen.
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Best answer: It really depends on your career level. You might want to check out Freshminds if you're within ten years or so of leaving university. Email me if you want to know about other firms.
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Best answer: If you're interested in legal positions then Totally Legal is as good a place to start as any. There are a gazillion legal headhunters from the massive to the niche. I can point you to some via email if you can narrow down your focus.
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From experience, headhunters are only interested in talking to you once you're here and can start do interviews on the spot. Still, they may be able to answer general questions for you.
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