Good websites for cell phones?
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What are the best websites to view on a mobile phone? I have a Samsung A900 and it has a pretty large viewing area, what websites would be best that are specifically formatted for cell phones? I am interested in any website that you can think of but specifically good news sites. Also any website that is leading the pack in UI for cell phones would be great. Also if you know any sites that aren't formatted for cell phones but still function well i'm interested.
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My usual paper's effort
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Best answer: I like Wapedia a lot.
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how about the google mobile proxy? It's used to convert sites so they can be read on a phone.
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Best answer: If possible, I'd try to get Opera Mini on it. Then you can pretty much have free reign of the web.
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trevyn is right, definitely download Opera Mini. I've got an A900 too and Opera Mini is wonderful on this phone. The only problem I've had using it is that some sites that do have mobile-specific content don't recognize Opera Mini as a mobile browser, so I don't get automatically directed to the WAP content.
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Try Skweezer -- it "squeezes" pages so that they are much more phone-friendly.
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When it launches, the .mobi domain name should be your friend. In theory, everyone who has a dot mobi domain has to make sure it works on all phones, degrades gracefully and detects what sort of phone you use so that things are perfect for your particular phone.

They're threatening that anyone who doesn't obey the rules will get their dns delisted. Interesting threat, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to check out all of the sites that will pop up.

disclaimer: I'm a web developer for mobile devices currently working on some sites for the new domain.
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Best answer: I like which has not only articles, but also TONS of links to other mobile-friendly sites such as Google News, AP News, Cnet, and many many more. Be sure to check out his links page.

From the about page: is a site formatted for mobile devices. Its home page has the real time headlines from sites like, USA Today, C/Net, Wired and more. This site is not related to, but it is a big fan. PocketDigg was created by David Grossman and Please check back often for more light on weight and heavy on news pages.

PocketDigg diggs out, and scraps off just the news you want, with out all the garbage.
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As I have developed a page of sites to surf when using my Palm T|X, I have found the Mobile Sites portion of the forums invaluable.
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opera mini processes the pages optimally for your mobile phone (it passes all your site visits through its own server, i believe), it's great. the paid-for version may even be better. good sites for mobile-phone viewing, news, include (sans graphics) and the "most recently emailed" of new york times, which you can access without registration.
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