Please help me find shirts which are interesting not just for their pattern!
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It would be great if people could share their favourite suppliers/retailers/tailors for affordable, quality shirts. I'm talking about shirts which are either interesting, different or vintage. I'd be especially keen on those with detachable collars - this was in fact the reason for my asking the question.

I've been looking around at Vintage Shirt, and what they have is wonderful, including all the related paraphenalia, but it's very expensive. Surely they are cheaper vendors of the same thing? I'm not averse to eBay. I'm in the UK and would appreciate UK retailers (or others - with a focus on international sales!) Thanks very much, I appreciate any help.
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Could it be that you are looking for J. Peterman? Alas, they only carry standard sizes (not petite), so I have never ordered from them. But their Gatsby shirt, among others, might interest you. They carry vintage-inspired men's and women's clothing, with fanciful and romantic prose available for free. I don't know whether they have removable collars, though.

Among the Argentianian Polo Shirt, Picasso at Valluris shirt, Otavalo Mountain Shirt, and several others, maybe you'll find something.

I also recently ordered a 5.11 Tactical Shirt for my man's birthday. Here's the description on Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools site. It wasn't cheap, but it looks like it will last forever, and it has a lot of pockets. These shirts are apparently commonly worn by American police.

Thanks for the pointer to Vintage Shirt - I've always wanted to see my man looking just a bit swashbuckling! Though you're right, they are a bit expensive.
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