Recreations of famous paintings
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Inspired by this picture recently featured on the flickr blog, can someone point me to other recreations of famous paintings?
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the pagent of the masters in laguna beach does this sort of thing every year.
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see also Arrested Development, there were a couple of episodes dealing with this.
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There was something similar at the Corcoran Gallery in DC a while ago. The exhibit produced what I consider to be the best bad-art review I've ever seen.
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Columbus artist James T. Mason conceived and designed this topiary recreation of Georges Seurat's impressionist painting, A Sunday Afternoon On The Island of La Grande Jatte.
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The art photographer TOM HUNTER here in England has produced several famous examples, most notably a version of a Vermeer painting which becomes a photograph of a woman squatter receiving a repossession order. He recently had an exhibition in the National Gallery in London. Not all his photos are recreations and overall his aim in doing the recreations doesn't seem to be just for fun or the sake of it - there's a social comment behind most, I think. If you go to,,1684162,00.html you'll a little Flash Gallery (with audio commentary) from the exhibit. Some images are NSFW.
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One of the most famous ones, I would guess, is the Bow Wow Wow cover to See Jungle! which recreates the 1863 Manet painting, “Dejeuner Sur L’Herbe” (Lunch on the Grass). (Picture Link Here)
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The Kermitage Collection by John E. Barrett is silly but pretty amazing. A recent exhibit at the Museum of Television and Radio explained how they set up these shots pre-Photoshop. So cool. Sorry, but I couldn't find a definitive link for the collection, but you'll find many by googling. I think it was originally a calendar.
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There is, of course, "Sunday in the Park with George."
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Eve Sussman's video 89 Seconds at Alcazar recreates Velazquez's "Las Meninas." I was blown away by it when I first saw it at the Whitney Biennial and was pleased to see that the MoMA in NY bought it and it had it on display when it first opened.
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There was an episode of Gilmore Girls (yes, I am ashamed) entitled "The Festival of Living Art" that had some pretty impressive re-creations. The screenshots in that link don't really do it justice---you can probably Netflix that season on DVD if you're intrigued.
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Jonathan Janson paints modern versions of Vermeer such as Young man and a computer and Girl writing with a Bic.
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