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How can I increment a value directly using SQL?

I have several tables containing dates, and I want to be able to advance these dates by x days. Can I do an UPDATE in SQL which will find the date in question and add on x number of days? Having said that though, the database is in Access - would it be easier to use something within Access to do this?
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This should work. I'm pretty sure DATEADD works in Access:

UPDATE TABLENAME SET datefield = DATEADD(d, x, datefield)

... where X is the number of days you want to add to the date.
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DateAdd is what you want.
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Best answer: Don't forget the single quotes and the where clause (if necessary):

UPDATE TableName SET dateField = DATEADD('d',X,dateField) WHERE dateField=MyDate

MyDate = the date you are searching for
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