Anyone use Look in Toronto?
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Does anyone have experience using Look for digital television in Toronto?

I got a flyer in my building for digital tv with here in Toronto. The pricing and channel lineup are attractive, but I'm not sure about this aerial-antenna-digital-transmission technology they're touting. Does anyone here use Look in Toronto? If so, could you please tell me if the picture qualitiy is good and if the receiver is responsive (i.e., are there user-interface lags like those you might find in satelite receivers)?
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Best answer: Well, I used it OUTSIDE Toronto (Near Kitchener, same technology and company). If the (contracted) Look installer ISN'T a lazy-ass and ensures you get a high enough gain antenna to pick up the signal properly, it works as advertised (although my friends say the MPEG stream is a bit overcompressed).

If they are lazy install and instead install a low gain antenna when you need a high gain one, well, then whenever you use the microwave you'll lose the signal (and other things).

Picture quality: Average.
Receiver being responsive: Average -> Below Average (At least on their older RCA units).
Receiver user friendlyness: Below Average.
Price: Hey, it made up for all the faults. :-)
Signal fade due to weather: Never, well, at leave never when I was willing to watch TV during the bad weather.
Two stations I wished I could get but they don't offer: Spike and GSN.

Their internet is another issue altogether. Don't get their one-way service unless you like an 8 GB cap, getting to dial out all the time, high latency, and frequent disconnections. But it was fast when downloading things. And it was my only choice for "high speed". Their two-way service might be ok, although I believe they still have the 8 GB cap, which is FAR too easy to go over.
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I tried Look a few years back - that experiment only lasted a few weeks and I cancelled it - no signal for 2 or 3 days because they were having tower problems (so I was told). If you want great digital tv - go with Starchoice.
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