Suppose you could help jumpstart a real progressive youth movement.
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Help me prepare a presentation on the use of social media, especially networks like facebook and myspace, to help grow and enhance progressive youth groups, particularly College Democrats.

For reasons too complicated to get into here, I'm co-presenting a workshop soon on utilizing relatively new social media for progressive youth groups, particularly College Democrats; while my section can touch upon any of the various aspects (e.g. podcasting, texting, etc.), the main focus of my section is to be upon social networks like facebook and myspace and how they can be used to recruit members and build broader political networks/coalitions.

This is a topic where I already have a strong base of pragmatic experience, but a. you should still let me in on any - and I mean any - ideas, tips or material you've used or come across on this issue, as there's always a chance I know nothing of which you speak, and b. I need good suggestions for how to present this information in a way that sticks and can actually help influence some youth leaders. I'm particularly interested in material that looks at how the conservative college activism movement (e.g. young americans for freedom, leadership institute, etc.) can be caught up with using social media. Thanks so much for any help!
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I've seen groups like these randomly message people with invites. Thing is, they don't make an effort to be personal, so it seems really spammy - so even if I agreed with them, I'm less inclined to join them.

So a personal touch would help. Just mentioning something from the profile, how we'd benefit, etc.
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