Can you help me identify this current hip hop track with lots of MCs on it?
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Hip hop song identification plea: the song is super-minimal, recently released, and has lots and lots of MCs on it.

The song in question has very minimal beats - pretty much just drums, with the occasional keyboard stab, quite driving, but not frantic - and a huge number of MCs on it, including Missy Eliot, DMX, Busta Rhymes, Fat Joe (I think). The chorus (or a repeated section, anyway) is done by a female MC with a very distinctive delivery, who sounds lazy, as if she's rapping while half-asleep, in an accent that sounds (to British ears) like it might be from the Southern states. In total, there must be about ten different MCs, or groupings of MCs. I'm afraid I can't remember any of the lyrics.

I'm assuming it's recently released, and a hit, as I heard it being played in a shop and caught a snippet of it on a music channel in the space of two days last week. The video is as simple as the beats, with each of the MCs doing their bit in a plain room, most of them dressed in bright, primary coloured clothes, and subtitles come up to identify each of the MCs as they take their turn.

Any ideas? Googling all the artists I can identify on the track just brings up past collaborations, and I can't find the song on the Hip hop collaborations page at Wikipedia.

Thanks in advance!
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Busta Rhymes - "Touch it", maybe? There's a number of remixes around.
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Best answer: Seconding Touch it (Mega Remix) - 9'00"
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It's not the most reliable of confirmations, being a badly written customer review (by Phill "thanewdanger", no less), but scroll down this page and there's information about the numerous remixes, featuring Missy, Rah Digga, DMX, Mary J Blige and her rapping alter ego, and a few others. The fact that he says "they all come together for the video" seems to indicate that this is what you're after.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone!

So, who is the lazy-sounding lady who does the 'touch it, bring it...' bit Rah Digga? Because it doesn't sound like Missy or Rah Digga.
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So, who is the lazy-sounding lady who does the 'touch it, bring it...' bit Rah Digga? Because it doesn't sound like Missy or Rah Digga.

It's a sample from Daft Punk's "Technologic".
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It's a sample...

I think it origionated with Daft Punk's Technologic. They just slowed it down... a lot. I think they also added a minor variance to the playback speed.
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Blast, bested again!

While then, to make my posting worthwhile I'll add that if you slow down Technologic (thus returning the sample to it's origional speed) it sounds like Thomas Bangalter.
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Response by poster: Ah, I knew the lyrics were familiar from somewhere. Thanks for the extra info.
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