High-res image or print of Pedro grabbing Zim's head
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Where can I get a really high-resolution image (or big print) of Pedro Martinez throwing Don Zimmer to the ground? It would be an image like this or this.

I want to have this in poster form. Anything that would print in good quality at greater than about a foot in its longest dimension would be great.
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That photo's owned by the Associated Press. You could contact them and see how much it would cost to buy a hi-res version.
posted by robcorr at 7:00 PM on July 16, 2006

Almost all MLB pictures are owned by Getty Images.

I did a basic search there, and came up empty, but my dad actually used to work for Getty before retiring, so I'll ask him next time I talk to him if there's a way to get other images that aren't on the site.

It isn't going to be free, of course. I imagine you know that.
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Also, the AP may own it too, as I see on preview robcorr pointed out. The AP has a picture request form right here...
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Response by poster: I should've said that I already searched the Pictopia AP Prints archive with "pedro" and "zimmer" and all the obvious keywords, but couldn't find it.
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Whether you'll be able to get it very likely depends on what you want it for.

Are you trying to exploit it commercially, or do you just hate Don Zimmer, and want to revel in his pain? :-)
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Response by poster: Oh, definitely the reveling in pain. I want to get a poster of it to hang in my bathroom.
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